Message From The President

The Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce is unique unlike any other business organisation and that is the reason why business people wish to become members. Firstly, where would you find a business organisation which has been in existence for 70 years run by business people for business people.

The Chamber thrives working for the benefit of it’s members. It has strong partnerships with other groups and offers help and support to those running a business in Epping Forest. Chamber membership is offered to all local businesses however large or small and the subscription is tax deductible. A wealth of skills and talents exist including legal, financial and technical help to our members.

We have a great Parliamentary input through our Patron The Right Honorable Eleanor Laing, Member of Parlement for Epping Forest. Deputy Speaker for the House of Commons.

We also have strong contacts with Essex County Council, Epping Forest District Council, Town Centre Partnerships and Parish Councils.

Many challenges can occur personally and commercially to a member and that is when they need the strength of the Chamber around them.

A telephone call to me on 020 8504 2844 will provide a sympathetic ear in confidence whether the problem is personal or business relates and together we can find a constructive way forward.

We have a team of Work Place Chaplains across Epping Forest they have specialised knowledge about the world of commerce. The intention of a Work Place Chaplain is to get to know people in their work place situation and offer independent unbiased help with problem situations and they are there to help whatever your religious view or none.

An often repeated comment from a business owner is “I don’t see how the Chamber can help me?”.

They fail to recognise how lonely it can be at the helm of a firm but soon appreciate our “tea and sympathy” approach with a listening ear. We all need to talk from time to time and another business person you can trust often eases a fraught situation.

I as President ofthe Chamber introduce you to the Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce with great confidence knowing that members receive first class service and I would urge you if you are not already a member to seek membership and you too will benefit from the friendly support you will receive from our members.

I have chosen The Amanda Byan Care Foundation as our Charity. This is a local charity run by our Secretary in memory of her Daughter Amanda. We have been able to raise money to help this very worthwhile cause over the past years.

My thanks to Mark and Carol for providing this new web site. I look forward to meeting you all furture events and wish you every success in your businesses.

The friendships made within the Chamber are very special and I invite anyone who is not already a member to join with us and enjoy all the facilities we offer.

Every good wish