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Our secretary – Carol Byatt talks about her charity

The Amanda Byatt Care Foundation was set up in memory of my daughter Amanda who had special needs and died in May 2010.

The Foundation aims to provide support for people with special needs, their families and carers whilst in hospital as well as much needed day to day practical support.

There is inadequate support for people with special needs when they are admitted to a hospital ward. Their needs are not really given any real thought and whilst families with young children are catered for – adults with special need are often overlooked. This can mean for a parent sleeping upright on a chair through the night for weeks at a time because they want to ensure their loved ones needs are a being met.

For special needs people – there is often real trauma attached to staying anywhere un familiar – special needs do require reassurance and stability – and often need to have someone with them they can trust to provide backup when dealing with NHS staff. This can place an enormous strain on family’s finances – we hope to be able to provide monetary support for parents/carers.

We will look at the needs of the person in hospital and can provide anything from a portable DVD and or bouquets of flowers, balloons – anything that will reduce the stress of the patient and to bring some fun into what is a very trying and uncertain time Small touches mean so much and in turn helps everyone involved from parents/carers – to the hospital staff.

Practical support is something we can offer – as and when – just knowing someone is at the other end of a ‘phone is sometimes all you need. Our charity has no boundaries – we will look at every persons/families needs individually.

We are more than happy to consider donating to special needs homes/centres – if by making the donation we can ensure we are able to make a difference to the resident’s everyday life.

Having a person with special needs in a family can bring such enormous joy and love –and I would not have changed one moment of my time with Amanda – she had a worthwhile and loving life – and though she spent her latter stage of her life in hospital – we did everything we could to make her time as happy as it could be. We want to try and provide the same support to others.

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August 21, 2018

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