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Foreword by Chairman John Price

Welcome to the Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce website.

Since becoming Chair three years ago the Chamber has made many strides forward. These include joining the boards of The West Essex Alliance [WEA] and the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP), partnering with the LSP and FSB to introduce the Business Charter as a guide for best practice for local businesses and creating One Shops Local [OSL] a website managed by the Chamber to help support our local businesses. The Chamber also supports the new Visit Epping tourism website, with a representative Tricia Moxey on the Tourism committee.

One of the things that is close to my heart is the future for youngsters in our district. Many are worried about getting places in further education, finding employment or just don’t know how to even start looking.

So it was with this in mind that I decided to support the start of the new Youth Chamber.

At the Chamber I aim to team up with local organisations, schools and training personnel to help launch and support our new Youth Chamber. This is a big task and I hope that everyone involved will see the benefits of this and give what ever encouragement they can to aid this enterprise.

Certainly there are opportunities to work with organisations such as Job Centre Plus, Waltham Abbey Employment Group, LSP, Loughton College and local schools.

Many challenges lie before the Youth Chamber and I wish Chris Crichlow, Chairman of the Youth Chamber and his committee every success in providing training, support and advice for our young people.

John Price


Eleanor Laing MP Launches the New Epping Forest Youth Chamber of Commerce

The Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce with the support of their patron, Eleanor Laing has launched a new Youth Chamber in the district to cater for the young, at a time when jobs and work experience are hard to find.  The launch was held at the Loughton College on Friday 22/2/13 at the Local Strategic Partnership Annual Conference with the theme this year on Young People.  It’s aims are to give support to young people between the ages of 13 and 25 by providing advice, training and work experience through members of the main Chamber.  Events will be planned throughout the year to give youngsters the chance to express their views and meet with other business people.  The Chairman of the Youth Chamber is 21 year old Chris Crichlow, and secretary 24 year old Lucy Moule. Chris runs his own Events Management company and Lucy is a recently qualified Lawyer wishing to work with the underprivileged and equal rights campaigners.

John Price Chairman of Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce said:

“It’s a pleasure to work with and support these young people. We have a wealth of undiscovered talent in our area and we need to ensure that they get the support they need to make themselves seen and heard. I see these youngsters as being the future for the district and the main Chamber of Commerce as they grow and gain more experience. I would ask anyone wishing to contribute their support or to join the Youth Chamber  to get in touch via our website”


Join Epping Forest Youth Chamber of Commerce

March 2012 saw the launch of the brand new Youth Chamber of Commerce.

The Youth Chamber has been formed as a subsidiary to the Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce. With young people feeling more and more at a loss of what to do to find university places, employment or to start their own businesses, the Chamber felt it was time to step in and support these young people.

Our Chairman is Chris Crichlow and Secretary is Lucy Moule.

Our Youth Leader is Summer North aged 20 who is keen to use her own talents and experience to help run this part of the Chamber. Here’s is what Summer has to say:

“I’m 20 and have lived in the District all my life. Over the last year I have been working on projects to help our local high streets and businesses through One Shops Local. This initiative has nearly 250 businesses signed up in its first year. Through this I have developed great interest in helping young people to become more entrepreneurial, and using the internet and social media to bring them ideas to fruition.

I’m now a youth leader of the Youth Chamber of Commerce and I hope this can help our youngest residents to build their business ideas, putting them in touch with all the right people who can help.”

The Youth committee will comprise of up to 12 young people with a senior member of the Chamber Executive Committee available to guide and supervise meetings and events.

The Youth Chamber consists of 13 to 25 year old persons. Opportunities are available for those who wish to become involved in youth projects, such as health and well being initiatives using video, radio and music to gain experience.  Training and work experience will be available.


  • To support young people in the age group 13 – 25
  • To train and provide advice to help youngsters to prepare themselves for employment or training schemes.
  • To guide younger members and give advice on apprenticeships and volunteering to gain work experience and training.
  • To work closely with other organisations within the district to source business support and aid.
  • To ensure that any young person seeking help gets the help they need to further their work opportunities.
  • To seek support from Epping Forest Chamber of Commerce members, the Local Strategic Partnership, Town Centre Partnerships and other contacts.
  • To work closely with local schools and colleges to encourage further education.
  • To run specific events and training programmes aimed at this age group.

More information on the committee and events to follow soon.

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