Business Charters

Epping Forest is already a great place to be, a place where people aspire to live. One Epping Forest, our Local Strategic Partnership, is working to make Epping Forest an even better place to live, work, study and do business in these challenging and difficult times. Central to that aim is a thriving, growing, diverse and successful business economy. This Charter, developed with local business, major public service providers, employers and voluntary groups, pledges signatories to do all they can to support our local businesses in the areas that matter most.

1. Sign up to the PROMPT PAYMENT CODE. PAY all invoices received from local business within 20 working days but aspire to make payments within 10 working days

2. BUY LOCAL if possible, when tendering for work in Epping Forest District pro-actively seeking a quotation from at least one local business and when purchasing goods look to companies located in the district, where one is available*

3. Through the ONE EPPING FOREST PARTNERSHIP, CONSULT with and listen to local business properly through:

  • • a clear consultation and engagement plan made known to the business community
  • • a dialogue with business that is ongoing not ‘one off’
  • • ‘joined up’ ways of seeking better business views and sharing results
  • • a range of communication tools to promote better business engagement including, consultation documents,
  • newsletters, information on websites, local media or staff working directly with local media
  • • developing a good working relationship with the recognised business organisations

4. Support the work of the Partnership BUSINESS CHAMPION. Their role will be to ensure that the views of the local business community are heard and their needs and priorities raised, at the right time, in the right place, and identify and support business owners that can be ‘engagement champions’ within the local business community